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Arghhh! Nervous…..

Posted by on October 1, 2012

Peg: The pre match nerves are starting to tell. This weekend were packing in a trip to Pats parents, a family party (the Scottish contingent of my family), with an overnight pop in to n’castle to see my oldest friend. Our house is in a state of semi-packed but still loads to do when we get back with not much time to do it. Yesterday, I managed to destroy my professional website so that’s yet another thing that needs sorted before we go. A huge list of things to do is pinned to our fridge and it doesn’t seem to be getting shorter. Worst of all for me, the day after we are back a hair appointment where I’ll lose my wonderful, gorgeous trademark pink hair for a more ‘normal’ and easy to maintain auburn colour. As I say, the pre-match nerves are really starting to tell!!!

This morning, as if often our way, me and Pat lay in bed talking, discussing the enormity of what we are doing. Brave or madness? A bit of both. The truth is that we have no idea what is going to happen for us over the next year. Neither of us has a job to go back to. Maybe this is just a trip away and we will come home and pick up our old life, finally resolving the things that have been difficult. But maybe not. And if not, we have no idea what the future holds. Where we’ll live. Whether we’ll be parents. What jobs we’ll do. Who our friends will be, especially given we are so aware or how many amazing wonderful friends we have at home; especially some we’ve got to know more recently and who we adore. Basically it’s all a bit too much and I am totally overwhelmed. I feel that tears are never far from the surface and so I’m just comforting myself with food. Not good for someone who spends her life managing her weight, having previously been enormous and lost half my body weight and then kept weight off ever since. [Link].

Putting it simply, wobbly is not the world. Completely bloody totally at sea probably sums it up better. Patrick says though not to worry too much. We can always come home early if we don’t like it. Mind you, he says he’ll have to do a Darcy and be all proud if we don’t last very long – by hiding out in a cottage somewhere remote in Wales, pretending we’re still away and doing photoshopped pics to go on the blog!! Better not delete the RightMove app on the phone just yet! 🙂

Right. Time to get in the shower and get ready for what will be a vey teary goodbye to Patrick’s parents and head up to Edinburgh.

3 Responses to Arghhh! Nervous…..

  1. Bok

    Can’t wait to follow you around the world! Have an amazing adventure. Lots and lots of love. BOK xx

  2. Lesley and Rob

    You will love it once you get away its the jittery waiting for it to happen that is the horrible bit – speaking from personal experience of course – love the blog – is it the one I told you about or another as need to set up our own in the next week or 2.
    big big hugs from both to both xxxxxxxxx

  3. Nick H and Juliet

    If you didn’t have some PMT (pre-match tension) before a big game like this, frankly you wouldn’t be ready for it. We can’t think of any people more capable of taking a new challenge by the scruff of the neck and making it work. Give it 110%! Look forward to getting vicarious excitement from your blog stories. Take good care!