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About us


Thanks for  looking at our blog. This is no typical travel blog. Rather it’s an online diary about two forty-somethings who love the ridiculous, seek out unusual people and are taking hold of life. We are saying a massive ‘hello world!!’.  

About us? Well, we are from Leeds/Bradford, having met in our late 30s at a singles night.

Patrick:  ‘I’m really into football, golf, and cycling and am pretty laid back, generally taking life as I find it. I’m brilliant at getting talking to new people and try and get talking to people wherever I go. I don’t like things to become ‘projects’ and can rally against too much organising. I can have a tendency to drift sometimes as a result.’

Peg: ‘I’ve previously been very driven and have had a great career to date, including Principal Speaker of the UK Green Party, heading up Bradford’s status as the world’s first official City of Film, running various charities and campaigning organisations. More recently I’ve been a radio broadcaster and singer. I’m really outgoing once I know people and to be honest quite flamboyant, whilst also being really into alternative personal development and health stuff. But still this trip is going to be a real challenge for me; no hair dye, nail varnish and only the clothes I can fit in a ruck-sack. And hardest of all – no nicely printed project plan to follow as I am seriously retentive and unspontanious! I have a website at’ 

We’re both like sticks of rock – cut through as and you’ll see Leeds United!  Leaving the UK has meant no season tickets. How will we survive? 

Patrick Fulker & Peg Alexander