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Peg and Pat spent a year backpacking the globe on a mid life crisis trip. This blog is the story of their trip. Peg is the TV and Radio Presenter, Peg Alexander.

Settled back in but not settled back down….

Since returning from our year long global adventure, to say our feet have been itchy, at times to the point of unbearability, is a total under statement. Despite the many wonderful things about being back home in Yorkshire we have often talked about our next big trip which will be the Americas, north to south … Continue reading »

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The essential backpacking guide!!

When we, 2 people aged 44, decided to set of backpacking around the world we basically had no idea really what to take, how to plan and what we would need. Loads of mates who had been travelling, mainly when they were younger gave us advice, and fabulous it was, but sadly much of it … Continue reading »

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Back to life, Back to reality……..

In the last week of August this year, our (nearly a) year long global adventure mid-life-crisis trip well and truly came to an end, with a bloody large, horrible and so intensely sad kick in the face. The Tuesday in question started in what had become a fairly normal morning for us over the last … Continue reading »

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Say hello, wave goodbye. Return home to England and the global adventure continues

For at least half of our 10 month backpacking trip around the world I couldn’t even hear the phrase “when we get back home”. Indeed, when we left I was convinced we would only return to the UK to sort things out for a new life, preferably one where we live partly in the UK, … Continue reading »

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The last gasp – our USA East Coast holiday

I’ve always held this belief that if I ever went to New York I’d never want to come home, so you can imagine how disappointment at our Global Adventure coming to an end was also tinged with huge excitement as we started what we called our 2 week city break holiday in Vancouver and the … Continue reading »

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Wild Wild West … Welcome to Vancouver Island

When we first worked out our round the world trip itinerary, the original plan was that we would ‘do Canada’, starting on the West Coast in Vancouver Island and working our way east, including the train ride through the Rockies and staying with relatives as we went. You see, not only do I have loads … Continue reading »

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California dreamin’ – you sure were great!

And so we headed to the USA – Hawaii, California and Nevada, land of the free and of everything larger than elsewhere (including us after a few weeks). A place where after backpacking around Asia we could live the American dream for a few days. And guess what? It’s lived up to expectation and we … Continue reading »

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Hard day’s night…..

Even when this year long ‘mid-life crisis’ backpacking trip around the world has been hard, at no point had I ever wondered whether we were doing the right thing. Indeed, even during our second very tough stay in Thailand, or the first month in Turkey which we both struggled with, we never questioned the rightness … Continue reading »

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Pig & Pitrick’s In Zid Road Trip

When it comes to scenery we have to admit it; New Zealand South Island wins it hands down. Throughout the 8 or so months of our around the world backpacking trip we have been telling people that Scotland is arguably the most beautiful countries on earth. If it wasn’t for the weather it would be … Continue reading »

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T’other side of the world

Often on this trip we have pondered the question of what makes us English and what does being English mean. As we travelled through Asia we certainly started to feel more and more English the longer we were away. And nowhere more so than Australia, where being British seems to mean you have loads of … Continue reading »

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