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Patrick Fulker

T’other side of the world

Often on this trip we have pondered the question of what makes us English and what does being English mean. As we travelled through Asia we certainly started to feel more and more English the longer we were away. And nowhere more so than Australia, where being British seems to mean you have loads of … Continue reading »

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Roll up. Roll up for the Mystery Tour….

Bus travel in Turkey is cheap for long distances. “How much for two tickets for the overnight coach to Istanbul tonight lutfen” we innocently ask one Sunday lunchtime. “Sorry – all full” is the reply. We go next door to the next coach company. Same question; same answer. And the next. At the fourth he says … Continue reading »

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An Eid with a difference

A stay at Butterfly Valley by Peg When Turkey celebrates Eid, called Bayram here, they really celebrate. Istanbul empties and everyone goes away. There is no chance of getting on a plane, train or coach unless booked well in advance. We celebrated Bayram at an amazing place, Butterfly Valley near Oludeniz on Turkey’s ‘blue’ coast; … Continue reading »

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Homesick …..

Patrick’s old boss once said after a trip to Guernsey that he didn’t like abroad; “I missed my pigeons, my feet swelled up and I couldn’t get pork pies’”. It’s a week and a half since we left Idle and the truth is we are both really homesick. We’re both feeling droopy, lethargic and low, … Continue reading »

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Tallinn, Estonia

Patrick: Sat in Tallinn airport waiting to return to London when, after a quick turnaround, we’ll head off tomorrow morning in the wee small hours to Istanbul and a month exploring Turkey. Tallinn was a beautiful place, especially the historic old town which had a lot of interesting architecture and some great hostelries serving good … Continue reading »

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