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Delhi to Shimla by road

Posted by on November 22, 2012

People have told us about their experiences on the roads in India, but seeing is believing! It took us a nearly an hour to negotiate our way out of Delhi, through the street packed with every type of vehicle. Ox carts and pony traps had to take their chances with buses, trucks, tankers, scooters, bicycles and rickshaws. There’s no such thing as lane discipline and crossroads are a complete free for all. The same goes for roundabouts!

Out of town was mainly 3 or 4 lane motorway and dual carriageway but the accepted driving style is cavalier to say the least with plenty of undertaking, ducking and weaving and general bad behaviour! Also it seems quite acceptable to drive on the wrong side as long as you stay to the side. People are even brave enough to cycle there too. Had to close my eyes a few times.

After a meal at a distinctly fly-ridden roadside cafe we headed up smaller roads and experienced some dare devil overtaking by our driver Raju. When we reached the hills the road was quite narrow and steeply winding. The views were spectacular. This only seemed to encourage our man to display his advanced driving skills as he darted past all and sundry. The funny thing was he made a point of telling us how careful he was when driving Europeans! It was dark before we reached Shimla and the finishing touch was put to the experience when, on completing a triple overtaking manoeuvre we narrowly avoided colliding with a large truck on a blind bend. It’s great to be alive!

By Patrick!

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