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Friends – you can travel the world but your friends go with you…

Posted by on November 25, 2012

By Peg. At Heathrow as we set off to travel the world we went to a Travelex desk to pick up a global cash card. The bloke who served us was Indian. He told us the only way to experience India is to just go with the flow. Don’t question or rally against how it is, just accept India, and that way you have a brilliant time. It’s been sage advice. We’ve been here 10 very eventful days. We’ve travelled a long way (we will update on places visited in future blogs. But meantime loads of pics and short updates on our Facebook page), seen hotels (and toilets) of differing standards, sadly seen the inside of an Indian hospital as I have been very ill (again more details on Facebook) and as you know just about survived the roads!!!! LOL.

The plane journey, and lots of time spent in cars, hours in hotel rooms being ill have given us time to think and we’ve mainly been thinking about friends and family and relationships. Those of you reading this who know us know this trip was spurred by life not going well and by us needing to do something different to try and heal wounds. But right from the off, the one thing we knew we did not need to heal or change is our social life. Our amazing friends, and families. Infact we nearly didn’t do the trip because of the wonderful amazing people in our lives. And you are many, and amazing. Much of the tears we have had (or should I say I have had) and down moments have been because we miss people. But here’s the amazing thing. This trip has actually been great in some ways when it comes to friends. And much as I hate to thank Mark Zukerberg or Google, Facebook and Skype have made it so. One friend told us how when they went travelling a few years ago it was a case of the odd phone call home every few months when you got to a post office. How different now – we feel out of touch just not having been online for a few days.

Friendship doesn’t go away…

Peg & Michaela in Istanbul

In turkey, we spent loads of time with the amazing Michaela Callaghan. Me and Mich met at fashion college in Leeds in 1985; we actually met as we both walked up the road to the college on our first day, identifiable as we lugged huge A1 portfolios. Our lives since could not have been more different – Mich has been really successful in the fashion world, working and living all over the world, now based in Istanbul. Over the years we have kept in touch, but spending quality time together has just been ace, as you can imagine, the gossiping no less for years spent apart or the differences in our lives. And catching up with news on other college friends. Mich, you are such a fabulous person and we can’t thank you enough for letting us stay and share your life, and cats, for a few weeks. 🙂

We had to go back to London for a couple of days to get our flight to India, where we spent some more time with my brother and his family. When I was a teenager me and Sandy were so close and I often felt like I lived my teenage years alongside him as we both loved listening to and making music and smoking!! In recent years we’ve not had so much contact. But last year we both took our mum to Norway for an 80th birthday trip which was fabulous. And the start of this adventure was a few days in Tallinn, Estonia with Mum and Sandy. And it’s been wonderful – being with Sandy again and also his fabulous family. Particularly great has been talking to his eldest daughter, Mia, now 17, and talking as adults for the 1st time. This summer has been a watershed with my nieces and nephews as so many of them have become wonderful, intelligent, gorgeous adults with whom I love spending time. Christy back from volunteering in Africa; Jack having spent the summer working in Germany and Kitty like a chip off the old block dying her hair a ridiculous colour and heading to university and a new boyfriend.

Mich & Arthur

And as a bonus we saw another of my really good friends, Lisa, and a more new friend Jason whilst we were there. Having also stayed with another teenage friend, Eddy and his fabulous family- Vicky, and Esther and Jacob – we flew out of London feeling so lucky to know so many people.

Gadgets make it so easy….

Then there has been the Facebook comments, all the comments on this blog we have LOVED and also a few Skype chats. One of my best was a call from an old friend from the Green Party who I haven’t spoken to for far too long. She saw we were online Skype and just called us. Brilliant!! Thanks Jan. Or little Dillon. Only 18m and seeing his smile as he recognised me via the Skype connection. So moving.

At the end of the day it’s about relationships….

Many things are not right with our lives at the moment and we hope India, and the other places we will visit over the next few months will help us work out what we want and to heal. But knowing we have so many amazing friends and family, and your keeping in contact will keep us going as try work out what we feel about India and about our lives.

It’s currently the wedding season here in India. Apparently there were 1700 weddings in Jaipur yesterday!! We’ve just passed another marriage party in the street. Amazing! Because ultimately its just about relationships.

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