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Homesick …..

Posted by on October 16, 2012

Patrick’s old boss once said after a trip to Guernsey that he didn’t like abroad; “I missed my pigeons, my feet swelled up and I couldn’t get pork pies'”.

It’s a week and a half since we left Idle and the truth is we are both really homesick. We’re both feeling droopy, lethargic and low, and feeling really very pathetic for it. We’re actually in a totally amazing city (Istanbul), staying with Peg’s wonderful friend in her amazing apartment right in the heart by the Galata Tower. The sun is shining (30 degrees) so we should be cock-a-hoop. Instead both of us has fought tears today (OK, only Peg, grown men don’t cry!). This morning we even talked about whether it’s too early to come home (of course it is, only joking). Today Patrick’s feet swelled up and being a Muslim country, no solace in a certain type of pie 🙂

So what’s our problem? Well we think it’s really we’re feeling a bit lost and displaced. We haven’t got our heads around living out of the rucksack – neither of us know what we have bought with us or where things are. Sorting travel on the hoof takes ages and both of us lose the will to live. Trying to buy bus and train tickets on websites you don’t understand is a total nightmare.  We’re missing knowing what’s going on – we don’t even really know the latest in the Jimmy Saville story. Peg is finding the food hard and limited, even when self catering, – and eating far too much bread. Peg’s been bitten to death. The supplies we bought from the UK are running out. We’ve had bad news about people being ill and of course we are missing our friends, particularly some really close friends who are not on Facebook as we can’t follow their lives like we can for you good old facebookers. Peg is really missing TV so she tried to sign up for a service to watch tv abroad and ended up really worried her PayPal account was hacked. This morning to make us feel better we put on radio 5 – a good traditional British debate about legalising drugs!!

And our nervousness about India is getting really real. If we find Istanbul confusing and difficult, how the bloody hell will we cope with landing in Delhi?

Of course were not going to come home, and of course we’ll go to India and beyond. Time to buck up and use a bit of that good old British stuff upper lip.

Full blog on Istanbul to follow. 

11 Responses to Homesick …..

  1. Lesley

    Oh Darlings – you sound like the lost boys in Peter Pann – you need a Wendy!
    A small question – why are you using Paypall to purchase things – sure Ariane and Dave didn’t and they were safe and fine and they travelled all over Thailand and India and booked dozens of flights and trains and accomodations etc etc and all was good.
    Sorry to hear that rucksack living is being problematic – you will get used to it and end up chucking/giving away loads of things as you progress as you will have loads that is useless with you. Keep taking the photos, Chin up my darlings – sure you will both be absolutely fine in a week or two you will be absolutely clear about what you are doing – Pat raise your feet as often as possible and wear the travel socks as often as possible as they really do help, both use the local anti bug stuff not what you have brought and frankly only DEET works to be honest altho eating lemon grass and wearing citronella helps a lot and Peg eat loads of fruit and vegetables and try the local stuff as many are vegetarian in Turkey now.

    Big hugs to both – have you any tea bags as a good cup of tea helps a lot -can send you some if you want them – know you will both be fine
    Love you guys loads and loads

  2. Mike Fulker

    It’s raining here – does that make
    you feel any better?

  3. Jan Clark

    Thanks for your vey honest post! 3 months down the line you’ll be amazed that you were so confused and homesick! Although I haven’t backpacked since being s student, I’ve found coloured coded plastic bags useful when living out of a suitcase e,g all medical stuff in green etc. How sad is that!

    Find a cafe, go out and talk to other travellers, find where the deals are, try and swop your paperbacks, you’ll soon get the hang of it but you’ll probably have to forget about British TV Peg. Relax and enjoy, this is a wonderful opportunity and don’t feel you have to stick to your travel plan, other places may beckon! Lots of love X

  4. Sally Fulker

    You’ll be fine, just think of the dark and rain here and me causing £900 of damage reversing out of my drive :/ India will be amazing…….can’t wait to hear about it 🙂 x

  5. admin

    Thank you all for these which have really made us smile. To quote the song – It’s amazing what a difference a day makes!! Some great advice too. So thanks. Xxxx

  6. Mike Fulker

    Jam session at the the Wheatsheaf in Egremont last night. Went really well. Rather a cramped space so no room for music stands and just had to rely on playing by ear. With my limited sight reading skills that’s no great problem. Appreciative audience seemed to like my solos. Val was on great form, belting out “It’s a Man’s World” like I’ve never herard it before.

  7. Catherine

    Oh dear, it’s called withdrawal and it can be tough. I can see that all this open road, see what tomorrow brings type of living goes against the grain for you, Peg. What you need to do is let go – disconnect from all but the very basics of life at home, it’s a bit of mental barrier but at the same time quite freeing. You’ll get the hang of the ‘live for the day’ and all that hippy stuff soon enough.

    Lots and lots of love

    p.s Wedding was fab, small and perfectly formed, very chilled, we all had a great day. Mum delighted to hear from you, she always asks after you and sends her best.

  8. Sandy Nuttgens

    ‘Another day another dollar’ as they say….Hope you are feeling better today. What is great is that you get to wake up each day and can choose to feel that ‘we’re on holiday’ excitement every day for a YEAR! And with Devil Dave and Nospine Nick in power you’re not missing much! Just think of Louis Armstrong’s famous words – before he stepped out on the moon with his trumpet 😉 – ‘Its a wonderful world’. Much love xxx

  9. jessS

    Keep on, keeping on!

  10. John Dersley

    Hi Both (although I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Peg, and that only twice). Bet you’re feeling better already. If it’s any solace, it’s misery as normal here apart from Andrew Mitchell’s resignation; the coalition staggers on (Tebbitt called it a “dog”!). Closer to home, Citizens Advice South Lakeland had 15 mins fame as its difficulties surfaced in the local press and I’m firefighting on a daily basis. So, count yourselves lucky to be out there, I’m sure enjoyment will kick in as you get into the swing of it, stop looking over your shoulders and at what’s around you plus what’s to come. I and less adventurous or just plain older folk like me envy you!

  11. John A

    Hi Both

    Well, it is raining. Despite a weekend weather forecst syaing we will have a mini heatwave this week. Sorry Peg about TV probs. However as your thing is dance and music and Ireality stuff which I hate anyway. The hope is you may get to like more sensible programming needs while you are away.

    On the Jimmy Savile thing. It goes from bad to worse. I heard a pice the other day that described him a man who had groomed the entire country and I have to admnit watching it unfold you do get that view.

    Anyway, hope things improve emotianally soon and will post from time to time.