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Leaving home ….

Posted by on October 5, 2012


By Peg:
So it’s Friday morning and I’m sitting on the sofa waiting for Pat to return from the chemist with our huge stash of anti Malarials. And then we go, via my mate Fran’s, who like an angel has agreed to wash our towels and bedding and keep for us until we get back!

The house is very bare, ready for our new lodger to move in. This morning we let down the blow up bed we’ve been sleeping on for a week – getting in some practice for crap beds!!. Our lovely 42″ TV went last night; my best mate’s son will be very happy at its loan. We love that telly – it was an arse when we had to buy it and at the time we could really have done without spending the money. But then we got it home. It was so big and shiny but we were both bitter about the money spent. Then the piece de resistance. Man United were playing in Europe and losing. The sight of a 42″ puce Fergie moaning was so enjoyable it was worth every penny!!

Two friends came round this morning to say goodbye and once again I found myself confusing small children by making their mum’s cry as we both cried our goodbyes. Leaving the kids is one of the things I’m finding hardest. Much as I’ll miss our brilliant friends they will be the same when we get back. Not so the kids – they will be so different. They will be the stark reminder of how much we will miss and how life will go on without us. Thank God for Facebook!/span>

Hair is a major thing for me in life. It’s always the case that when I decide to have a change of hair-do it looks brill the days before the visit to the crimpers. Of course, has been the same with out house. This morning, the view from our bedroom window has never looked better.

Time to go ……

4 Responses to Leaving home ….

  1. Nina

    It sounds an absolute hoot! The two of you together will be a great team. Enjoy the adventure – looking forward to the funny stories x

  2. BEA

    I am soooo excited for you. I will be following you. Some peoplé do trips like this alone. You are lucky to be two and you will have the rest of you life to talk about all the great things you saw and that happend. That’s awsome (hear my Texan accent?) hihi… So good luck. Be safe… and keep touch… xxx Love from BEA

  3. Sarah Mumford

    Always remember that ‘there’ always seems better than ‘here’, but than when you get there and there becomes here then ‘there’ will seem better than ‘here’……ie. it’s good to go to make you appreciate what you have/had…..

    Enjoy!!!! And see you when you get back……

    Sarah M

  4. John A

    Hi Peg and Patrick

    It is always sad to leave loved ones when going away. Time is alwys the big thing with young people. They will change so much, but think of all the memories you will gain to share with them. They will love it.

    Enjoy and be safe.