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In pics – 2 amazing natural phenomena – Pamukkale & Capadocia

Posted by on November 10, 2012

Last week we had the delight to visit two of the world’s strangest and amazing natural phenomena – Pamukkale and Capadocia in Turkey, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of course, there were some tales to tell which will no doubt appear in future posts. But we thought the pictures would speak for themselves. So here you are.

On the edge of the ancient city of Heirspolis, Pamukkale means ‘Cotton Castle’. Minerals flow down the hill and have created white Travertines and hot springs. You have to take your shoes off to walk up; it took us at least half an hour to walk up its so big. We didn’t swim but some took advantage of the naturally warm water. Totally amazing it was.



























A 14 hour bus ride later and we found overselves in Gorome, Capadocia in the middle of Turkey. It’s an ancient region where the rock is so soft that people lived, and still live in caves. Indeed whole cities were built underground. In Gorome all the hotels are ‘cave’ hotels, built into the rocks. As you walk around you see the bizarre sight of cave homes with satellite dishes on the side!!

5 Responses to In pics – 2 amazing natural phenomena – Pamukkale & Capadocia

  1. Mike Fulker

    Fascinating places, even worth a 14 hour busride. More please! Good to see sun as Cumbia slides winterwaed.

  2. Catherine

    Pamukkale is quite something, isn’t it. Swimming in a pool of water that is as hotter than your average bath is quite an experience even if you do come out smelling like an eggy fart!

  3. admin

    The warm water was comfort for us too. It was starting to get cold in turkey and our feet were cold walking up. When the warm water rolled onto our feet it was just lovely!!! 🙂

  4. Nick

    Well impressive. Is it hard to get there from the UK? I’d like to see the rock homes and hotels for myself

  5. admin

    You should go. Its amazing.
    Don’t think you can fly direct nick but there are 2 airports in Capadoccia – I think nevishhir or Kayseri. Internal flights in turkey are dead cheap so if you fly to sat Izmir (which I think you can do from Leeds or Manchester ) get a connection. Go to for details. Only cheap flights from uk to Istanbul are from Luton. 🙂